LLC “Ukrainian heat” is producing and selling anthracite-based carbon additive (recarburiser) (grade 0-13 ASH, technical conditions 05.1-25361733-002:2013). The company has its own production facility (Ukraine, Luhansk region, Sverdlovsk city).
The anthracite-based carbon additive of LLC “Ukrainian heat” – truly unique product with low contained of moisture.
Our product is used in various industries and for different purposes:
as the recarburiser for the metallurgical industry to increase the carbon content in the iron-carbon melts;
as the filtrants;
in the cement manufacturing the recarburiser is used as intensifier of the cement grinding and in the similar processes;
for the graphite production;
Recarburiser has the following qualitative characteristics:

Faction, mm upon request
(from 0,125 to 13) – 80%
ASH, % ≤ 5%
SULFUR, % ≤ 1%
MOISTURE, % ≤ 1%
CARBON, % ≥ 95%

All the products are packed in polyethylene Big-Bag with inlay (800 kg), which provides sealing and prevent it from moisture and dirt. Shipment of this product is provided by any transport.
On the request of customer our company can provide products with other quality characteristics.
The price of the recarburiser with the standard characteristics is 180 USD on the production facility.
Fill the application form, point out the interest you parameters, we can make you an individual commercial offer.