Ukrainian Heat Company offers a ready-for-use technology for the conversion of heat production equipment to liquid coal usage.

A distinctive feature of cooperation within our project is the absence of the expenses from the side of the customer related to the installation and configuration of the equipment. The whole set of works is performed by our company at our own expenses. The division of the responsibility is set in the agreement and assumes a full responsibility of Ukrainian Heat for the energy generation, in-time supply and reporting.

Two possible options:

  • The equipment is purchased by the customer. The Ukrainian Heat Company supplies the water coal fuel at the price agreed in the contract.
  • The equipment is installed at the expense of our company. The customer receives heat energy at the price agreed in the contract.

    Regardless of the chosen option, the implementation of the water coal fuel assumes:

  1. On-site visits by the company experts. Analysis of the technological parameters, information gathering. Calculation of the parameters for the required equipment.
  2. Signing a contract on cooperation, agreement of theoperation conditions of the complex.
  3. Project-related and other approval activities.
  4. Construction of the required infrastructure. Delivery,mounting and setup of the equipment.
  5. Signing of a long-term contract on the supply of the liquid coal fuel or heat energy.
  6. Support and control over the production parameters observing. Planned and operation (prompt) maintenance.

    As the result of the introduction of the technology the costs of the heat energy will be reduced by not less than 40%, a stable supply of the high quality fuel will be ensured, a modern, reliable, energy-efficient equipment will be installed, an efficient heat generation system will be created, the ecological safety norms compliance will be ensured.