Drying complex

Water coal has all advantages of the liquid fuel and may be used as a source of heat energy for drying complexes of the commercial enterprises. Its main advantage lays in its speed of conversion and the easiness of the further fuel usage. The processes of feeding, control, regulation and reporting are automated, which permits minimization of the personnel involved and maintaining of the optimal working indicators.

The range of the burner power regulation of 1:3 permits an efficient burning of the water coal while meeting the current complex power needs.

The supply of the hot air to the dryer is performed from the preburner in which a preliminary water coal burning is performed. The spraying of the fuel within the preburner is performed with the use of pressurized air, which is supplied from the compressor. The temperature regime of the inlet air is controlled within the range of 650-1000°C by the automated air mixing equipment.

The replacement of the equipment and the introduction of the water coal technology within the dryer complex is performed within 4-6 months. The old equipment undergo un-mounting, the necessary sized preburner is constructed, in which the water coal fuel is mounted.

To store the required fuel supply and the reserve, special containers for water coal are installed within the territory of the enterprise. The fuel feeding to the burner is performed automatically and is controlled from the control unit.