Boiler plants

The preparation of the water coal is performed within a separate plant, from where it is transported to the boiler by automotive vehicles. In accordance with the  standard, the minimum required reserve is estimated for the 5 days of consumption. The storage of the water coal should be made in specially equipped containers.

The safety and control measures should meet the current normative requirements. All installed boilers are supplied with a manufacturer warranty, the support is provided by qualified workers, planned and routine maintenance is performed.

The water coal is burned by its spraying and flaring. The combustion equipment is made in a way to produce fine particles during spraying to achieve rapid water vaporization and burning gases circulation stability inside the combustion area.


To spray the water coal, a diesel fuel is used, which provides a preheating of the combustion chamber to the temperature necessary for the primary fuel combustion.

The burning process occurs within 950-1150°C

The process of water coal burning  has two stages:

— water vaporization and volatile coal components burning;

— solid particles burning stage.

The sprayed water coal droplets, which are introduced into the combustion chamber, are heated by the flare and due to the high temperature of the gaseous products of combustion. The water evaporates, the volatile substances are released and the combustion occurs. Mixed with the secondary air, the volatile substances and the activated coal are burned. Non-burnable particles, mixed in the exhaust area of the combustion chamber, settle down.

An important aspect of such combustion process is its effect on the NOx substances release. Due to low temperature combustion and the excess of the air inside the chamber up to 1.25, a minimization of such substances emergence is achieved.

The water coal fuel is its fire and explosion safety, which is achieved by its high flash point (850°C)