About the project

We reduce the cost of heat energy due to the introduction of coal-water slurry fuel technology (liquid coal). Replacing the boiler equipment on natural gas with boilers on coal-water slurry fuel can secure solve a number of important questions:

filtering allow to meet new emission ceilings presented by the Directive 2010/75/EU

  • 50% reduce of heat energy cost;
  • High quality fuel with fixed price;
  • Natural gas substitution in areas where it is impossible to use traditional coal technology;
  • Eco-friendly technology, low emissions (Directive 2010/75/EU);
  •  Optimization the number of personnel in the boiler room by maximal automation equipment;
  • Increasing the profitability of the enterprise.

All that you need now – is to fill the QUESTIONNAIRE.
And we will do all the necessary calculations and prepare for you a commercial offer.

  • The coal water slurry fuel is supplied to the boiler room in finished form. Storage of the fuel carried out in the enclosed containers. To protect the fuel from freezing, fuel tank is covered by heat-insulating
  • Coal water slurry fuel – a mixture of coal fines (1-70 mm), water and coal water slurry additive. The ignition temperature – 800 – 850°С. The combustion temperature – 950 – 1150°С. The degree of combustion
  • Coal water slurry fuel has all the advantages of liquid fuel and can be used as a source of thermal energy for drying complex of commercial undertakings. Feeding
  • Limited Liability Company “Ukrainian heat” offers a ready-made technology of transferring heat generating equipment to coal water slurry fuel. Feature of the cooperation within our project is the lack of expense to the customer for installation