A considerable attention is paid to the exhaust gases cleaning during water coal burning. To provide a maximum harmful substances filtration level, a modern two stage cleaning systems are used:

1. A bag dust filter cleans the exhaust air from the dust. The filtering depth for ash agglomerates is at 99-99.5%. Its design provides a system for the automated hermetic transportation and an ash compartment.

2. Wet cyclone filter is designed for sulfur filtration by binding it inside a calcium carbonate solution. The filtering efficiency is 80%. As a result of such reaction, a gypsum containing mixture is produced. The cleaned air is directed to the chimney.

Due to the introduction of such cleaning system, much better emission indicators are achieved, compared with the conventional coal burning.

ASH………..24 mg/m3
SO2………..240 mg/m3
NOx……….350 mg/m3
CO…………62,5 mg/m3