Fuel Combustion

The preheating of the combustion chamber to 850°C is ensured with diesel fuel, which is fed to the preheating burner, which is built-in inside the main one. Depending on the state of the boiler (cold startup or hot startup), the required pre-heating time varies from 10 to 30 minutes. On reaching the specified temperature the water coal is fed into the chamber and the preheating burner is turned off and removed automatically.

To improve the efficiency factor of the boiler, it provides a means for the installation of an economizer and air heater. The water is supplied to the boiler from the de-aeration unit though the economizer, and the preheated air is fed directly into the burner. The power regulation range for the boilers is 1:3.

Inside the boiler steam with the required characteristics is produced and is supplied to the distribution collector. The control systems of the boiler permit for the automated process execution and provide a permanent process control from the control unit.