The delivery of the fuel is made in tanks by automotive or railway transport. Liquid coal fuel is fire and explosion-proof during all stages of its production, transportation and usage. Its manufacturing and burning processes are separated, which permits to avoid the pollution of the urban environment during its transportation.

The main requirement for transportation of coal-water fuel is to prevent it’s freezing in the winter, due to the significant amount of water in the fuel. For the transport of coal-water fuel can be used the special steam-jacket tank, which heat up the fuel during the transportation and maintain a constant temperature of not lower than +5 °C.

  • (Russian)С целью соблюдения экологических нормативов и облегчения утилизации отходов от сжигания водоугольного топлива возможно применение двух методов сероочистки: 1) мокрый метод двойной щелочной среды; 2) мокросухой метод известковой сероочистки.
  • Coal water slurry fuel is burned in a flare by spraying. The burner is made thus during the spraying to receive the fine portion to ensure the rapid evaporation of moisture and stabilize the circulation of combustible gases in the area of ​​inflammation.
  • The laboratory facilities are used to study the basic qualitative indicators of the using fuel. Using coal-water slurry fuel it is very important to control rheology parameters and stability rates of the liquid, and also physical and chemical properties of the mixture. Selection and preparation of samples.
  • Coal water slurry (CWS) boilers with modern automation and filtering systems. Coefficient of efficiency 86%. Boiler power from 1 to 98 Gcal per hour.