Promote new energy efficient technology of coal burning by reconstruction of existing plants on natural gas that cannot be retrofitted on coal burning due to ecology or territory restrictions.

We are ready to invest in boiler-plant reconstruction and help you in implementation of energy efficient and eco-friendly “CLEAN-COAL” technology. All constructed boilers will be supplied with CWS fuel of our production under long-term contracts with fixed price.
Emissions into the atmosphere, which meet modern standards, are the result of high-performance purifying systems.
Transportation of the fuel in the tanks do not pollute the cities’ environment.



1998. The company “TCF “Tehpromkomplekt” was founded, which later was renamed into LLC “Ukrainian heat”. Main activities: fuel wholesale, production and enrichment the coal, production of the furnaces and boilers, supply the steam and hot water.


Goals and tasks

Limited liability company “Ukrainian heat” – the leader of Ukrainian heat and power generation market using coal-water slurry fuel (CWS) technology.
The company has been working in the coal industry for more than 14 years