“Green tariffs” in Ukrainian

05 13, 2013

In April 2014 the Ukrainian market of alternative energy effective new “green tariffs”. For example, enterprises engaged in the production of electricity from biogas and municipal solid waste to be biodegradable, are entitled to a “green tariff” by a factor of 2.3. And the right to the “green tariff” Only those companies that will put into operation biogas power plant in April 2013.

The coefficient of “green tariff” for solar energy facilities, which will go into operation after April 2013, and will be significantly reduced:

solar power, ground – 3.5 (previously 4.8);
solar power plants up to 100 kW, mounted on the roofs and walls of buildings – 3.7 (previously 4.4);
solar power plants of more than 100 kW, mounted on the roofs and walls of buildings – 3.6 (previously 4.6).

Ukrainian alternative energy preparing for new rules of operation

05 13, 2013

Ukrainian alternative energy market is preparing for the transition to the new rules of operation due to changes in legislation that comes into effect in April 2013. Under the new law, some businesses biofuel energy were able to deliver electricity at prices calculated on the basis of a “green tariff”. For example, a company engaged in the production of electricity from biogas and municipal solid waste to be biodegradable, can sell their electricity at 2.3 times greater.

The law significantly reduced odds of “green tariff”, especially for objects of solar energy. The coefficients of “green tariff” for solar power plants decreased 1.2-1.4 times. Provides for a further reduction of the coefficients on the level of 2013 in the medium and long term. So, for the alternative energy brought into use in 2015, “green” tariff will be reduced by 10%, in 2020 – by 20%, in 2050 – by 30%.

Subjected to regulation of small hydropower facilities, introduced their classification power. From belonging to a particular class is also dependent factor “green tariff”.

Direct financing EBRD

05 13, 2013

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is implementing an investment program in Ukraine USELF, under which the Bank is going to directly fund alternative energy projects. without involving the process of Ukrainian banks.

USELF program provides an opportunity to get a loan from the EBRD, if the investor is already invested in the project 40% of the cost. The lending rate will be determined separately for each project, but will not exceed 9%. Bank received the works committee to participate in the credit program from 80 Ukrainian companies will receive as much again. In most cases, the credit available for projects in the field of solar and wind energy, that is, those which are subsidized by the state. Applications for funding of projects in the field of bio-fuel energy and small hydropower has yet been received.

Record the concentration of carbon dioxide

05 13, 2013

The oldest observation station content in the atmosphere of greenhouse gas Mauna Loa in Hawaii has recorded a record high concentration of carbon dioxide – 400 ppm , ie 400 milliliters per cubic meter of air.

According to RIA ” Novosti “, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), since the observations of more than half a century ago the concentration of carbon dioxide is continuously growing, and increased its rate of growth. In late 1950 the contents of gas annually rose by 0.7 ppm in the last decade, the rate was already 2.1 millions of particles.

State Statistics Stats Propane PUBLISHED FEBRUARY

04 25, 2013

Ukraine in February 2013 imported from Russia and Germany 2.254 billion cubic meters. meters of natural gas worth 958,842,000,000 dollars.

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